Hi, I’m Mary Prescott, Registered Dietitian and gardening enthusiast! It has always been my passion to help clients attain wellness and health through diet and lifestyle changes.

For years I struggled with digestive issues.  After healing my own body through years of study and trial and error, I found the combination of food, supplements, and a focus on positivity that worked for me.

I learned that I had to focus on what foods I could eat – what would nourish my body – instead of what was lacking and harming it. I bring the same positivity to my clients’ lives and all my work. There can be a lot of roadblocks with any lifestyle change, whether it is a diet of choice or necessity. Yet, there are also a lot of opportunities: to be adventurous and explore new flavors, to take control of your wellness, and ultimately to unlock a healthier you.

The journey that my health forced me to take has granted me the perspective and knowledge to aid others in doing the same. I know how frustrating and challenging a restrictive diet can be, because I have been there myself.

So often the biggest difficulty is maintaining the right attitude and confidence to follow through with the diet. We get disheartened by trying to do too much too fast or not seeing results fast enough. Together, whether you are a client or a loyal subscriber, we will overcome the negativity and mishaps that plague any diet by treating them as they should be: as minor detours in your journey toward wellness. Even failure is progress when you learn something about yourself.

I wanted to be a dietitian for over a decade, so when I attended college at Ohio State University, I pursued a degree in Dietetics. I moved to Florida where I graduated cum laude and passed the Florida state exam to become a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. While I went to school, I volunteered full-time at the Second Harvest Food Bank. I am also a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and co-founded the Student Dietetics Association at Keiser University.

I have a passion for gardening and am cultivating a delicious backyard! I also belong to the Central Florida Fruit Society. Keep an eye out for my gardening tips!

Currently, I am working on an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol cookbook for those struggling through that stringent diet program. I can’t wait to share my thoughtful approach to diet and lifestyle changes with you!